Scholarship Information


We’re excited to announce that GUSD has teamed up with Going Merry to provide you with a comprehensive website to view the many scholarships available to you and that you qualify for. Click on the link below to create an account and start accessing the scholarship list today! Deadline to submit applications is Friday, March 4, 2022.  

Steps to apply for scholarships on Going Merry:

  1. Complete Profile section.
  2. Request letters of recommendation from Documents (located on Profile page). These will be used for all scholarships you apply to.
  3. Click on Local to view scholarships applicable to GUSD and other local scholarships.
  4. Save your personal statement on Google Doc. You will need to copy and paste onto each application.


In addition to Going Merry, we also have a list of additional scholarships that utilize their own application. There are many other opportunities to get money for your higher education. Don’t miss out! Check our list of scholarships with various upcoming deadlines that are available to GHS students.



You will need to request your transcript from the Registrar. Once you have received your transcript, you will need to upload to the document section in Going Merry (Common Application Scholarships) or attach to the applications for the Other Scholarships. Request your transcript 


Please fill out the form linked below in order to provide your teacher, counselor or other recommender with valuable information to write the best letter of recommendation possible. Letter of Recommendation Request Form 


See Going Merry’s helpful tips on writing an essay for your scholarship applications. Essay Tips