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Student Services

Welcome to Student Services, home of the Counseling and Guidance Department, at Gilroy High School.     


GHS Academic Coordinators

Veronica Alfaro 
Academic Coordinator
(669) 205-5421

Students with last names beginning with:  A-Fe

Lupita Andrade
Academic Coordinator       
(669) 205-5423

Students with last names beginning with: I-Peregrino

Lauren Mantani
Academic Coordinator
(669) 205-5422

Students with last names beginning with: Fi-H & Mustang Express

Adriana Flores
Academic Coordinator
(669) 205-5420

Students with last names beginning with: Perez-Z

Mission Statement

The mission of the Gilroy High School Academic Coordinators is to support equal opportunities for all students in the areas of academics, career planning and personal/ social development. Through conscientious collaboration with students, their families, staff and the community, we are dedicated to serve as educational advocates by providing relevant and current information and resources to guide students toward their life goals.  

Department Goals

  • To ensure all students are meeting high school graduation requirements
  • To increase college awareness and entrance requirements
  • To increase awareness of school to work programs

Our department consists of several  academic coordinators/counselors, an administrator and support staff, who serve the needs of our student body. We are here to support all our students in their academic, career and personal/social development.

Class of 2019 Information

  • 2018-19 Gilroy High School Course Catalog
  • College Acceptances 
  • Senior Survey
  • Cal-SOAP Exit Survey


GHS Course Catalogue 2018-2019

Class of 2023 Course Book

Mustangs Go to College!

BYU Independent Study Information

BYU Independent Study offers online classes that, when completed, can help students make up credit or complete missing graduation/A-G requirements. (800) 914-8931.

Please contact your Academic Coordinator before signing up for any classes!

Financial Aid Information

  • Spanish Financial Aid Presentation
  • English Financial Aid Presentation


  • GHS Class of 2019 Senior Presentation
  • GHS Class of 2020 Junior Presentation
  • CHS Class of 2021 Sophomore Presentation
  • GHS Class of 2022 Freshmen Presentation

Contact Charlotte Valadez, Student Services Secretary, (669) 205-5414 for immediate assistance.

Office info:

  • In the GHS Student Center
  • Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • FAX number:  (408) 847-0134

Deborah Little
Speech Therapist