Senior Information

Gilroy High School Graduation is Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 6:00 PM

Salutatorian/ Valedictorian Information

The top five highest GPA’s of the senior class (as of the 4th  quarter progress report) who has  completed  a minimum  of  5  semesters at  Gilroy High School, will be eligible for Valedictorian and Salutatorian candidacies.  A selection panel will decide Valedictorian and Salutatorian based on academic accomplishments and the following other factors:

  • Academic  program  strength  (Honors,  AP, College level courses, etc.)
  • Students must  be  exemplary role  models, so each candidate’s discipline history will be considered.
  • Community Service and School activity involvement will also be taken into consideration..  The quantity and quality  of the community  service hours will be reviewed.      The student’s involvement in extracurricular  activities  such  as  performing  arts, athletics, clubs, etc. will be considered.
  • Each student  will  write  their  own  speech (3  to  4 minutes) and be asked to read it to the panel as part of the selection process.  The speech will be scored on content and delivery.  You will read your speech to the selection panel.
  • Please  bring  an  updated  resume  for  the  panel  to review.  You will want to list scholarships and grants and other honors from the Senior Awards Night.
  • The selection panel, which consists of administrators, teachers and student services staff will make the final decision after speeches are heard and all other factors taken  into consideration.    The  candidate  with  the highest score  will  be  the  Valedictorian  and  the second highest will be the Salutatorian for the senior class.

Senior Activities

Senior Activities
Gilroy High School Business Ad form
Magic Mountain Permission Slip
Prom Permission Slip
SDD Permission Slip
Senior Letter (Fall)
Senior Quotes
Senior Yearbook Tribute
Senior Tribute Examples


Safe & Sober Grad Night

Class of 2020 parents who want to form the committee please email interest to:

Safe & Sober Grad Night Planning Committee

  • TBD -- Committee Chair
  • TBD -- Entertainment 
  • TBD -- Donations Coordinator/Fundraiser
  • TBD -- Secretary 
  • TBD -- Communications
  • TBD -- Treasurer
  • TBD -- Food Chair
  • TBD -- Decorations
  • TBD -- Facilities
  • TBD -- Security
  • TBD -- General Support

Saturday School Policy

This school year if senior students are assigned Saturday school at any time for any reason, they must attend on the assigned day. If the student does not comply, they will be in danger of losing senior privileges, up to and possibly including graduation ceremonies. Also, seniors will no longer be allowed to make-up days for assigned Saturday schools. Please contact the school should you have any questions regarding this policy.   

Important Websites (QR Codes)


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Senior Letter from Superintendent (English)


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Senior Letter from Superintendent (Spanish)


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Senior Letter from GHS Administration


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