Community Service

New Volunteer Opportunities

South County Tail Waggers Pet Adoption Fair 11/10/19

Pet Smart Adoption Fair

Sunday, Nov 10, 2019

6755 Camino Arroyo, Gilroy, CA 95020

10:15 am - Set up

11 am - 1 pm Adoption Fair

What's more fun than spending a few hours with our tail waggers at the adoption fair at Pet Smart!? Absolutely Nothing!

2 Volunteer spots available!

We will have one volunteer stationed at each dog pen.

Responsibilities include setting up the pens, staying with your dogs and making sure they are happy, walking them outside for potty breaks. Assure they are on leash when potential adopters would like to meet them, help break down the pens and carry to the car after the fair.

Email Kelli Lopez to sign up!

South County Tail Waggers Holiday Boutique 11/23-24/19

We could use a hand moving salon equipment next door in preparation for our Holiday Boutique!

Are you able, strong and willing to help us out? We'd sure appreciate it!

Set up: 6pm-7pm; Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019

Break down: 6pm -7pm; Sunday Nov. 24, 2019

Robert Raymond Salon: 7465 Eigleberry St, Gilroy

Email Kelli Lopez to sign up!

GHS Bookroom

Bookroom Volunteers needed - see Toi in the bookroom before or after school

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Ciel Tutoriing

Ciel Community Services is looking for high school volunteers to tutor our students after school between the hours of 4pm-8pm Monday through Thursday. You choose the days and hours that fit your schedule. Spanish speaking tutors are a plus. You can help with our Introduction to Spanish class!

Please call Diane at 408-836-3323 or email us at

Check out our website:

Food Pantries

Contact information


Tech Museum of Innovation

Volunteer Services & Human Resources department of The Tech Museum of Innovation, to share with you a volunteer opportunity for your students. As our busy holiday season approaches, we are getting ready to open up one of our yearly high school student volunteer programs; "The Holiday Helper." These are volunteer positions that interact with our guests in our Galleries/Exhibits Dept within the museum during peak holiday times. It is our desire to partner more closely with some of our local schools in the vicinity, so I wanted to reach out to you and provide with you the details of this volunteer opportunity in case you had students you felt would be interested. The details of the volunteer position is as as follows: 

Holiday Helper Volunteer Program Details

To be eligible for this short term volunteer position, all student volunteers need to be at least 15 years of age, and available to help us in the morning (9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.) or the afternoon (12:30 – 5:00 p.m.) for at least 11 of the 19 dates listed below.  Outstanding candidates may be invited to continue their volunteer service with us for other opportunities.

Dates Holiday Volunteers are Needed:

(Fri)11/23, (Mon)12/17, (Tue)12/18, (Wed)12/19, (Thu)12/20, (Fri)12/21, (Sat)12/22, (Sun)12/23, (Mon)12/24, (Wed)12/26, (Thu)12/27, (Fri)12/28, (Sat)12/29, (Sun)12/30, Mon(12/31), (Tue)1/1, (Wed)1/2, (Thu)1/3, (Fri)1/4. 

For on the floor training purposes, one of their first shifts would also need to take place on one of the following six dates (to ensure they feel more prepared for the busier holiday shifts):

Saturday, 11/17 or Sunday, 11/18

Saturday, 12/8 or Sunday, 12/9

The Holiday Helper Application:

Food Pantry

Are you interested in earning community service hours, while also providing families from your local community resources to obtain food? If so, this is the perfect opportunity for you! 

We are currently looking for students that are willing to volunteer for the Food Pantry events that are offered this year in GUSD. There will be a number of these events throughout the school year at 5 different schools in the district. Any number of volunteer hours completed can be put towards community service, and we would greatly appreciate your help! If this opportunity is something that you or your friends would like to be involved in, please contact the School Linked Services Coordinator, Eric Thompson to confirm your interest. You can reach him directly by phone or email, and we look forward to hearing back from you! 

Phone: (408)887-7020


Save Our Shores

Gilroy Center for the Arts

The Gilroy Center for the Arts 

7341 Monterey Street

often has community service opportunities

Stop by the College & Career Center and Talk to Dia Hoshida!

Gilroy Gardens

Gilroy Gardens

Opportunities Available year round!

Contact: Eva Trenberth 408-840-7140 


An all year activity with a multi-year commitment. For more information, contact 846-0460

Storm Drain Stenciling

A great group activity that can be done all year round depending on the weather. For more information, contact 846-0460

Cuddly Critters

Cuddly Critters, Hollister, CA

 Contact: Sue Foster 831-637-1336

Cleaning animal pens, changing bedding, scrubbing food bowls

Gilroy Demonstration Garden

Tools and Gloves provided! All VOLUNTEERS are welcome and appreciated! More info:

Perfect Fit Equine Rescue

Perfect Fit Equine Rescue

a rescue organization that gives new homes to unwanted/neglected horses

Contact: Laura 408-843-6382.


The (Veterans of Foreign War) VFW Post 6309 hosts bingo EVERY Friday at the Veterans Hall, 74 W. 6th Street and they could use help in the snack bar. They usually need 2 people – one to hand out food (hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, etc.) and another to make change for people. The cook and other VFW guys running bingo will be there to guide and help them. They need two people this Friday from 4-7pm. The VFW, as a registered non-profit, can sign off on community service hours. Anyone interested can call Gabe Perez at 408-710-3482.

City of Gilroy

St. Louise Hospital

We currently seeking enthusiastic volunteers from all walks of life to join our St. Louise Regional Hospital Team. No skills required - we will train you! Current Volunteer Opportunities are:

r Patient Services/ Information Desk

r Gift Shop

r Infant Hearing Screening

r Sewing Club

r Department Assistance as needed

§ Emergency Department

§ Laboratory

§ Diagnostic Imaging

§ And more Requirements: Applicants must be 15 years of age. Background check and immunization requirements apply.

For more information, please contact Amber Dutra at 408.848.4919 or

Town Cats

Town Cats

Morgan Hill

Weekly in the afternoons and evenings

Weekends 8-1/5-7  

2019-2020 Minimum Required Hours Needed
Class of: Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports/Student Activities May 1, 2020
2020 60 60 70 80
2021 40 40 50 60
2022 20 20 30 40
2023   5 10 20


 Top 10 Gilroy High Students for Community Service Hours

as of 1/22/19          
9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Ortiz Bautista, Jose 248 Jaimes, Anthony 478.9 Ayala, Aphrodite 809.2 GonzalezDelgado, Norma 525
Herrera-Flores, Nea 200 Mendez, Gizella 348.5 Rubio, Gimena 255 Arellano Reyes, Christopher 369.5
Emmert, Madison 106 Cavagnaro, Hayley 306 Pinon-Sanchez, Jaylin 245 Brinkman, Maggie 319
Rebollo, Lizeth 89.5 Cordich, Isabella 217.2 Bozzo, Olivia 238 Fowler, Douglas 270.5
Robertson, Emma 74.8 Gallagher, Brian 199 Pickford, Elizabeth 232 Carvalho, Kaitlyn 269.2
Velasquez, Edgar 64.5 Chesson, John 192.5 Torres, Alexander 211.1 Martinez, Raymond 263
Stelzner, Hannah 61.8 Alger, Hayley 188 Hudson, Audrey 211 Kleder-Barnes, Joseph 262
Velis, Aria 54.5 Licona, Jovanny 182 Walters, Katelyn 205.5 Baxter, Rebecka 251.5
Madrigal, Carlos 54 Machado, Teresita 169 AguilarLuna, Eric 171 Baxter, William 209.5
Cortes, Gregory 53.7 Gomez, Destiny 166 Gonzalez, Belen 167 Plaza, Andrew 205

Gilroy Unified School District Community Service Guidelines

High school students in the Gilroy Unified School District are required to complete 80 hours of Community Service. Community Service Requirement BP6746.1(a) revised and adopted August 12, 2010.

1. In order to ensure acceptance of a student’s Community Service activity for credit students should:

a. Perform Community Service for a pre-approved nonprofit agency 

b. Or, for an agency not on the pre-approved list, obtain prior approval from the Community Service Coordinator. Turn in a request for Community Service approval form TWO weeks prior to the activity. Failure to perform community service for an approved agency carries the risk of being denied credit for time served.

2. Students must use the official GUSD School Community Service Time Sheet. Students’ timesheets must be signed by their parent or guardian.

3. All community service work must be completed outside of school hours.

4. Paid work will not be considered for Community Service hours.

5. Community Service activities will be approved only for work through a nonprofit community service organization. Hours may be done through a large corporation if the corporation is sponsoring the community service opportunity.

6. In order to graduate, all GUSD students will fulfill a minimum of 80 hours of Community Service, no later than May 1 of their senior year. Students must earn ten hours in at least two of the following categories: Senior Citizens, Young Children, Disabled Citizens, School Related, The Environment, The Homeless, Literacy, Animal Care, Promoting Health and Physical Fitness, Promoting the Arts and Culture

7. Community Service credit will not be given for service performed for a parent or a relative.

8. Approved Community Service completed during weekends or vacation time will not exceed more than 8 hours per day.

9. Service hours will not be given for any high school club or team meeting.

10. Hours earned for after school or weekend training or planning sessions may count towards community service when the training results in actual volunteer service towards the community. (For example: serving on the Relay for Life Committee, etc.)

11. Service hours completed during the school year for youth camps (or similar service) will be limited to no more than 8 hours per day, and a total of 15 hours per camp. This includes service completed during winter and spring break.

12. Community Service credit will not be granted for recruitment, membership building or teaching about an organization or its beliefs, philosophy, or mission. For example, Community Service credit will be granted for volunteer work performed for a church providing childcare, directing recreational activities, helping feed or clothe those in need, or providing other community services, but credit will not be granted for teaching about religious beliefs or for organizing or participating in religious ceremonies.

13. The organization receiving service always has the option of not signing a time sheet if the student’s job performance is not satisfactory.

14. Students entering Gilroy Unified School District will have their Community Service Hours prorated at 20 hours per school year. To receive credit for hours worked at previous schools, the Community Service documents must be submitted, reviewed, and approve

Community Service is a service that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions.  Community Service is defined as volunteer service for an approved nonprofit agency


Community Service Coordinator

Mrs. Lauren Mantani

(669) 205-5422

Deadline for turning in your community service hours is Friday, May 1, 2020

  • Seniors must have 80 hours turned in before May 1, 2020 in order to participate in the Senior Trip and/or Graduation. 
  • Transfer students must complete 5 hours of community service per quarter enrolled as a GUSD high school student.
  • Athletics 2019-2020: minimum required community service hours must be turned in to be cleared for athletics.