Our Staff


Elizabeth Gutierrez

Assistant Principal

Bruce Corbett

Assistant Principal

Jan Alonso

ASB Accountant

Janet Burke

Office Coordinator

Lynda Fries

Registrar, Transcript requests

Chris Leong

Activities Director, Teacher

Alba Murillo

Security and Safety Office Coordinator

Toi Muse


Justin Pors

Athletic Director

Cristina Reyes



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Rubi Arellano

Mathematics GHS

Jennifer Botts

Social Science GHS, Special Education GHS

Bradley Chaboya

Fine Arts GHS

William Chavez

Science GHS

Enedina De La Torre

Intervention, English GHS

Maria De Paolis

World Languages GHS

Bria Delorenzo

Physical Education GHS

Monica Escutia

World Languages GHS

Chelsi Faria

Science GHS, Career Techical Education (CTE) GHS, Non-Departmental GHS

Caitlin Filice-Hollar

English GHS

Mitch Goldsmith

Fine Arts GHS

Genevieve Goldstein

English GHS

Fortune Gonzales

Social Science GHS

Rudy Gonzales

Social Science GHS

Cynthia Gonzalez

English GHS

Stephanie Hamik

Mathematics GHS

Matthew Hemeon

Intervention, Social Science GHS, Non-Departmental GHS

Karen Hockemeyer

Fine Arts GHS, Social Science GHS, Career Techical Education (CTE) GHS

Sarah Hsu

World Languages GHS

Matthew Hungerford

Science GHS, Career Techical Education (CTE) GHS