Books circulate for three weeks and may be renewed for an additional three weeks if there is not a hold request for the item. Students may check out a maximum of four books at any one time. The date an item is due back in the library will be stamped on the inside front cover of each book, for easy reference.

  • Students must have a student ID number to check out materials.
  • Requests to hold materials that are in circulation can be submitted at the Information/Circulation Desk.
  • Reference books are indicated with “REF” above the Dewey number on the spine label. Reference Books are for use in the Library only, they DO NOT circulate.
  • Current issues of magazines are displayed in the Library. Back issues are shelved in the Archive Room. A request for back issues can be made at the Information/Circulation desk. Magazines are for use in the Library only, they DO NOT circulate.

Overdue Books and Fines

  • Fines are 10 cents per book, per school day, excluding holidays.
  • Fines DO accrue over summer vacation.
  • Library notices are sent to students on a regular basis and indicate fines and books not returned.
  • Library obligations must be cleared to receive Book Room Clearance.
  • Borrowing privileges are suspended for students with library obligations.

Accessing the Internet

Gilroy High School has several computer labs on campus including a cluster of computers in the library.

Students who are going to use the Internet must fill out an “Internet Use Contract” and have it signed by their parents. The Internet use contracts are kept on file by the librarian. When the librarian receives a student’s contract, a sticker will be placed on the student's student body card, as proof the document is on file. Internet contracts are kept on file from year to year, until your graduation. You DO NOT need to complete a new contract every school year.

A student without an Internet sticker may not use the Internet under any circumstances!

  1. A student without that sticker may not use the Internet under any circumstances.
  2. Internet research is for school projects only.
  3. Students may not download files without permission.
  4. Students should not be in “chat rooms.”
  5. Students are never to alter any system files and folders.
  6. Students are not to be connected to Internet music sites and listening to music while online.
  7. Students may never play games.
  8. Students may print from the computer at a price of 5 cents per page, cash only, NO CREDIT!


Wednesdays 12:30-3:30 p.m.
Thursdays and Fridays 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Note: Library hours and days
are subject to change.

Freddie Spencer
Library Clerk
(669) 205-5440, direct line
(669) 205-5400, ext. 231040

Accessible from the library or home

Contains research tools and resources for English, math, social science and Science

Logon: ghs
Password: student

Santa Clara County Public Library 
Free with valid SCC library ID card

Gavilan College Library
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