The mission of the Gilroy High Science Department is to produce highly informed and cognizant individuals, scientifically literate and real-world ready. Through NGSS, CC and 21st-century skill experiments and investigations, students will learn to apply scientific concepts to situations beyond the classroom and make connections that foster a healthy understanding of the world. As teachers, we will create an environment that allows students to discuss, critique, defend, evaluate and accept or reject hypothesis of their own and fellow students work using the language and vocabulary of the science they are conducting.

Jennifer Spinetti

Science Department Chair
Anatomy Physiology
Human Body Systems
Sports Medicine I & II

William Chavez

Dual Immersion Biology
Dual Immersion Biotechnology I
Principles of Biomedical Science

Chelsi Faria

Ag. Chemistry
Ag. Leadershiip
Floral Design

Matthew Hungerford

Computer Science
A.P. Computer Science

Megan Hungerford


Stephen Jackson


Janet Lee

Biology Honors
Biotechnology II

Casey Lester

Sports Medicine I
Sports Medicine II

Valerija Martinovic


Elida Moore

Ag. Biology
Ag. Science I
Vet Science
Ag. Government/Economics

Todd Ruskauff


Tracy Serros

Biology Honors
Biotechnology I
(Also see CTE)

Linh-Thuy Vu

Chemistry (Honors)