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Elizabeth Kelly, Department Chair

A.P. English Literature and Composition

Chicano and Women's Literature

English IV


Erindida de la Torre

English I

English II



Nicole Harris

English III




Amber Jacob-Meeks

Academic Language Development

ELD 1, 2, & 3



Alix Smith

English III

A.P. English Language and Composition



Sasha Tovar

English I

English I (Honors) 



Jami Whedbee

English II & IV

Kimberly Williams, Department Chair

English I  & II (Honors)

A.P. Psychology



Cynthia Gonzales

English I

English III 



Karen Hockemeyer

English I

(Also see CTE)



Kristen McKay

English II (Honors)

Expository Reading and Writing



Alexander Tieu

English III

English IV 



Keith Williams

English I (Honors)

(also see Social Science)