Graduation Requirements

To Graduate from Gilroy High School Students must:

1. Complete and earn 220 semester credits in specific subject requirements. (Each semester class is worth 5 credits, and students are generally enrolled in 30 credits of coursework each semester).

2. Complete 80 hours of Community Service.

Beginning with the Class of 2018:

English 40 credits
World History (10th grade) 10 credits
U.S. History (11th grade) 10 credits
Government (12th grade) 5 credits
Economics (12th grade) 5 credits
*Physical Science (lab) Chemistry 10 credits
*Life Science (lab) Biology 10 credits
*Science Elective Physics 10 credits
Math I/ Math I+ 10 credits
Math II/ Math II+ 10 credits
Math III/ Math III+ 10 credits
** Physical Education 20 credits
World Lang (LOTE) same language 20 credits
Fine Arts 10 credits
Career Tech Education 5 credits
Electives 35 credits
Total 220 credits

*Mathematics: Students must pass and complete Math I, Math II, & Math III

*Science: Students must pass and complete Biology, Chemistry and Physics

**Beginning with the class of 2018 all students must pass the FITNESSGRAM physical fitness assessment by the end of their Course II year or they will be re-enrolled in a Physical Education Course.


Academic Policies

Grading Policy

Grades for Achievement shall be reported for each marking period as follows:

Grade Description Grade Points
A (90-100%) Outstanding Achievement 4.0
B (80-89%) Above Average Achievement 3.0
C (70-79%) Average Achievement 2.0
D (60-69%) Below Average Achievement 1.0
F (0-59%) Little or No Achievement 0
I Incomplete 0
NM No Mark 0

(Advanced Placement course grades will earn an additional grade point for “A”, “B” or “C” grades, provided they take the AP Exam in May.  The extra point will be withheld if the student receives a “D” grade in the course.)

Eligibility Policy

All   activities, field  trips,  etc.  are  subject  to   eligibility standards. In addition to issuing academic letter grades at each quarter, every teacher will issue a citizenship grade. Students may not have more than one N “Needs Improvement” citizenship grade to participate in extra-curricular activities during the next quarter. This standard is in addition to the current standard of needing at least a 2.0 quarter/ semester GPA and having no “F’s”, “I”, or “NM”. Students accumulating 3 days of suspension are immediately ineligible for the next six weeks and Senior Activities. Students must have all fines and obligations cleared.

Classroom Citizenship Grade

Students will receive a citizenship grade every quarter from each of their classroom teachers.    Students’ classroom citizenship grades depend on their behavior in the classroom. The grade of “Outstanding,” “Satisfactory,” or “Needs Improvement” will be based on the “Citizenship Guidelines” (see below).   The citizenship grade for each class will be shown on the student’s report card, but not on the transcript or permanent records.

Classroom Citizenship Guidelines

  1. Teachers will discuss and give copies of their classroom rules and regulations to students at the start of the school term. Copies should be on file with the Administration.
  2. Teachers are required to issue a preliminary citizenship progress report before giving a “Needs Improvement” citizenship  grade,  unless  abhorrent  behavior  occurs  so close to the end of the quarter that it is not practical to do so.
  3. Any combination of five tardies and/or invalid absences in a quarter will result in a “Needs Improvement” citizenship grade for the quarter.

A student who receives two or more “Needs Improvement” citizenship grades in one quarter will lose activity privileges for the following quarter.  A student who receives 2 or more “Needs Improvement” grades in the fourth quarter will lose privileges for the first quarter of the following school year.

Citizenship grades

Seniors  who  receive  two  or  more  “Needs Improvement” citizenship grades for the third grading period will not be permitted to participate in the senior trip/12th grade activities and graduation  promotion  activities.  Special consideration may be given to seniors who receive two or more “Needs Improvement” grades during the third grading period but who do not receive any “Needs Improvement” grades during the fourth grading  period.    Fourth  grading  period citizenship grades  may  be  determined  by  teacher  progress  reports. Students given this special consideration may be allowed to participate in graduation activities only.

ACT/ PSAT/ SAT Registration Information

College Entrance Requirements

Curriculum Maps

Department and Teacher Directories

EADS Testing

Valedictorian/ Salutatorian Criteria

Graduating Seniors


The top five highest GPA’s of the senior class (as of the 4th  quarter progress report) who has  completed  a minimum  of  5  semesters at  Gilroy High School, will be eligible for Valedictorian and Salutatorian candidacies.  A selection panel will decide Valedictorian and Salutatorian based on academic accomplishments and the following other factors:

  • Academic  program  strength  (Honors,  AP, College level courses, etc.)
  • Students must  be  exemplary role  models, so each candidate’s discipline history will be considered.
  • Community Service and School activity involvement will also be taken into consideration..  The quantity and quality  of the community  service hours will be reviewed.      The student’s involvement in extracurricular  activities  such  as  performing  arts, athletics, clubs, etc. will be considered.
  • Each student  will  write  their  own  speech (3  to  4 minutes) and be asked to read it to the panel as part of the selection process.  The speech will be scored on content and delivery.  You will read your speech to the selection panel.
  • Please  bring  an  updated  resume  for  the  panel  to review.  You will want to list scholarships and grants and other honors from the Senior Awards Night.
  • The selection panel, which consists of administrators, teachers and student services staff will make the final decision after speeches are heard and all other factors taken  into consideration.    The  candidate  with  the highest score  will  be  the  Valedictorian  and  the second highest will be the Salutatorian for the senior class.