Envision Academy



Envision Academy, located on the campus of Gilroy High School, is an innovative academic environment that uses  individualized instruction to integrate in-person learning in conjunction with technology to create a personalized environment.  This program empowers students to be successful in college, career, and life as 21st century citizens.

Envision Academy's learning environment requires organization, self-advocacy, accountability, inquiry, and motivation to be successful. The faculty at Envision Academy will support students in developing these skills and habits. Through our individualized learning model, students will take ownership of their education while being fully supported along every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend the Envision Academy?

The classroom environment at the Envision Academy is very different than that of a traditional high school classroom.  The combination of online courses and teacher directed courses allow students more flexibility and control over the way in which they learn the subject matter. In addition, it exposes students to the online learning they are likely to experience in college.

What does my day look like in the Envision Academy?

Students attend daily at Envision Academy. The Envision Academy is a double-sized room divided into independent learning stations with group work areas and has a designated space for teacher instruction. Two teachers, and often additional staff members, will be in the room with Academy students. The schedule for the day varies per pupil. On average, half of the school day is spent working with teachers and students in a small group setting while the other half of the day is spent working independently using online (computer-based) curriculum.

Will all of my courses be online?

Teachers will create an individual academic plan for each semester with the help of an academic coordinator. Students will take courses in areas of strength through online learning and have direct instruction in areas where they need more assistance.

Will I be able to get help from a teacher when I am working online?

Yes, students will be able to request help from the teacher while in the classroom. While the Envision Academy encourages an independent learning model, students are never without guidance and support.

What will I be doing when I’m not in a group working with the teacher?

Students will be participating in online activities that will drive learning. Students will have access to content, discussions and collaborative experiences.

Who will teach my classes?

High school teachers appropriately credentialed will be working in the Academy.

Are there quizzes, tests and finals?

Yes. Some tests and quizzes will be given in class, while others can be administered online. Final exams will be administered at Envision Academy during the regular final exam schedule for Gilroy High School.

Does this program mean more work for me?

It does not mean more work. It does mean work in a different format - independent, small group and teacher directed instruction.  During the independent learning time, your have the ability to put more effort into the online work and move at a faster pace if you choose.

Will I have any classes with Gilroy High School students?

Yes, in 9th grade, Physical Education will be taken with Gilroy High School students on the main campus. A student may access other courses dependent upon individual needs and post-secondary goals.

Can I participate in extracurricular activities, including dances, band, choir, sports and clubs?

Yes, any student academically eligible can participate in the clubs and sports available at Gilroy High School.

Will I be at the Academy for all four years of high school?

When you enter Envision  Academy, goals will be set with the teacher and academic coordinator. These goals will include a four-year plan which is flexible to fit the needs of each student. You can choose to stay in the Academy for your entire high school career, transfer back to their comprehensive high school or look into other options within Gilroy Unified School District.

How does it affect my other grades/GPA?

The grades students receive for the online Envision classes are counted the same as the grades students receive for the small group and teacher instructed classes.  All of the classes students take at Envision Academy are the traditional courses needed for the graduation requirements at the comprehensive high schools. Student GPAs are calculated the same way they would be if they were attending the comprehensive high school.

Will my high school diploma be the same as students at the other high schools?

  • All courses meet the same guidelines as those at the comprehensive high schools. The coursework will meet the eligibility requirements for students to enter a four year college or university if all grade requirements (C or better) are met.

  • A Gilroy High School diploma will be issued to each student successfully completing all four years at the Academy.

Can I attend Envision Academy if I have an IEP?

Yes.  A student with an active IEP or 504 Plan, will have a transition meeting with the current school team prior to the student’s acceptance to Envision Academy to ensure that Envision Academy can offer the appropriate services.

For questions about the Envision Academy program, please contact your middle school counselor.

Ascención Solorsano Middle School: 669.205.5000

Brownell Middle School: 669.205.5100

South Valley Middle School: 669.205.5200

The mission of Envision Academy  is to create an environment where students:

  • Experience equitable access to rigorous curriculum through flexible learning groups

  • Become civic-minded contributors to a positive community

  • Use problem-solving and an open-minded attitude to apply skills needed in the workforce

  • Are members in a supportive community that embraces the unique gifts of each individual

  • Empower themselves through self-advocacy